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The Liberté Foundation for Women serves to provide grants to women who want to start or sustain a small business.

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The mission of the Liberté Foundation For Women is to supply women with grants to start or sustain their small businesses. By equipping the women that are changing the world through entrepreneurship, the Liberté Foundation For Women can allow even more women all over the world to live a life of freedom.

A Message from Our Founder:

"My passion is giving a voice to female entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world.  After going from solo esthetician to retired spa owner in 18 months I was able to focus on my life’s work – the creation of the Liberté Foundation for Women.

After leaving a two decade marriage and overcoming a lifetime of patriarchal religious indoctrination, I was finally able to create freedom for myself through entrepreneurship. Wanting freedom is something innate in us all and through the Liberté Foundation for Women, I am striving to support female entrepreneurs not only through grant-giving but also by giving them a voice to tell their stories of liberation."

- Andrea Klein

Liberté World Tour 2022

During the Liberté World Tour you will meet hundreds of women who have overcome a plethora of obstacles in order to create freedom for themselves. You'll see how these women impact not only their local economies but are changing their family trees.